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Today Hukamnamas - Shri Golden Temple Amritsar
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Date : 18-07-2018
DnwsrI mhlw 5 ]
Dhanaasaree, Fifth Mehl:
ijin qum Byjy iqnih bulwey suK shj syqI Gir Awau ]
The One who sent you, has now recalled you; return to your home now in peace and pleasure.
And mMgl gun gwau shj Duin inhcl rwju kmwau ]1]
In bliss and ecstasy, sing His Glorious Praises; by this celestial tune, you shall acquire your everlasting kingdom. ||1||
qum Gir Awvhu myry mIq ]
Come back to your home, O my friend.
qumry doKI hir Awip invwry Apdw BeI ibqIq ] rhwau ]
The Lord Himself has eliminated your enemies, and your misfortunes are past. ||Pause||
pRgt kIny pRB krnyhwry nwsn Bwjn Qwky ]
God, the Creator Lord, has glorified you, and your running and rushing around has ended.
Gir mMgl vwjih inq vwjy ApunY Ksim invwjy ]2]
In your home, there is rejoicing; the musical instruments continually play, and your Husband Lord has exalted you. ||2||
AsiQr rhhu folhu mq kbhU gur kY bcin ADwir ]
Remain firm and steady, and do not ever waver; take the Guru's Word as your Support.
jY jY kwru sgl BU mMfl muK aUjl drbwr ]3]
You shall be applauded and congratulated all over the world, and your face shall be radiant in the Court of the Lord. ||3||
ijn ky jIA iqnY hI Pyry Awpy BieAw shweI ]
All beings belong to Him; He Himself transforms them, and He Himself becomes their help and support.
Acrju kIAw krnYhwrY nwnk scu vifAweI ]4]4]28]
The Creator Lord has worked a wondrous miracle; O Nanak, His glorious greatness is true. ||4||4||28||
DnwsrI mhlw 5 ] (hy myrI ijMdy!) ijs ny qYnUM (sMswr ivc) ByijAw hY, ausy ny qYnUM Awpxy vl pRyrnw SurU kIqI hoeI hY, qUM AwnMd nwl Awqmk Afolqw nwl ihrdy-Gr ivc itkI rhu [
hy ijMdy! Awqmk Afolqw dI rO ivc, AwnMd ^uSI pYdw krn vwly hir-gux gwieAw kr (ies qrHW kwmwidk vYrIAW auqy) At`l rwj kr [1[
myry im`qr (mn)! (hux) qUM ihrdy-Gr ivc itikAw rhu (Aw jw) [
prmwqmw ny Awp hI (kwmwidk) qyry vYrI dUr kr id`qy hn, (kwmwidkW qoN pY rhI mwr dI) ibpqw (hux) mu`k geI hY [
(hy myrI ijMdy!) sB kuJ kr skx vwly Ksm-pRBU ny ijnHW auqy myhr kIqI, auhnW dy AMdr aus ny Awpxw Awp prgt kr id`qw, auhnW dIAW BtkxW mu`k geIAW, auhnW dy ihrdy-Gr ivc Awqmk AwnMd dy (mwno) vwjy sdw v`jx l`g pYNdy hn [2[
(hy ijMdy!) gurU dy aupdyS auqy qur ky, gurU dy Awsry rih ky, qUM BI (kwmwidk vYrIAW dy twkry qy) p`ky pYrW qy Klo jw, vyKIN, hux kdy BI nwh folIN [
swrI isRStI ivc soBw hovygI, pRBU dI hzUrI ivc qyrw mUMh aujlw hovygw [3[
hy nwnk! ijs pRBU jI ny jIv pYdw kIqy hoey hn, auh Awp hI iehnW nUM (ivkwrW vloN) moVdw hY, auh Awp hI mddgwr bxdw hY [
sB kuJ kr skx vwly prmwqmw ny ieh AnoKI Kyf bxw id`qI hY, aus dI vifAweI sdw kwiem rihx vwlI hY [4[4[28[